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About Maxibone.

Several tens of millions of European citizens are partially edentulous and have insufficient bone for placement of dental implants.

The European project MAXIBONE aims to create personalized maxillary bone regeneration by using culture expanded autologous bone marrow stem cells and biomaterials. This project, coordinated by prof. Pierre Layrolle at Inserm UMR 1238, Phy-Os, University of Nantes, started in January 2018 as a four year program with an European funding of 6 million euros. The consortium gathers 12 partners from 6 European countries including research laboratories, academic hospitals, cell therapy units, an SME manufacturing biomaterials and the global leader of dental implants.

In the project MAXIBONE, a randomised controlled trial of 150 patients will compare the safety and efficacy of autologous cultured stem cells and calcium phosphate biomaterials with autologous bone grafting in alveolar bone augmentation prior to dental implants. In a previous European project REBORNE, the clinical safety of this regenerative strategy was demonstrated on 11 patients.

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