• European project MAXIBONE

MAXIBONE clinical trial is now launched

Bergen, Norway: A new, groundbreaking study shows that a patients’own stem cells can be used to grow new bone. This can potentially help millions of people who are partially edentulous and have insufficient bone for placement of dental implants.

The Maxibone Project, coordinated by Pierre Layrolle, Inserm, University of Nantes, France and Kamal Mustafa, UiB, Norway, is now launched. This trial is among a few ongoing randomized, controlled trials using mesenchymal stem cell. The European project Maxibone aims to create personalized maxillary bone regeneration by using culture expanded autologous bone
marrow stem cellsvand biomaterials. This project has a European funding of six million euros. The consortium gathers 12 partners from five European countries (Norway, Spain, France, Denmark and Germany) including research laboratories, academic hospitals, cell therapy units, a biomaterial company and the global leader of dental implants.

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