• European project MAXIBONE

Publication of the clinical results of the first study of mandible bone augmentation with autologous stem cells and biomaterial

After loss of teeth, alveolar bone significantly resorbs over years and implant supported rehabilitation is often not possible. During the previous European project REBORNE, a novel bone augmentation protocol has been introduced (EudraCT, 2012-003139-50). It consists of mandible bone augmentation with autologous culture expanded mesenchymal stem cells and biphasic calcium phosphate granules prior to dental implants. 11 patients have been successfully treated without adverse events. The combination of cells and biomaterial induced significant new bone formation after 4-6 months. The regenerated bone volume was adequate for dental implant installation. The patients were satisfied with the esthetic and functional outcomes. These results warrant further clinical investigation in the MAXIBONE project challenging the current gold standard in bone augmentation such as autologous bone transplantation. The results have just been published in:

Gjerde et al. Cell therapy induced regeneration of severely atrophied mandibular bone in a clinical trial. Stem Cell Research & Therapy (2018) 9:213


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